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Storage & Handling Tips

Product Handling and Storage Procedures

  1. The proper cooler temperature for product storage is 36°F to 38°F (2°C to 3°C). Our products are best stored in a freezer with a temperature setting of O° F (-18°C).
  2. The easiest way to remove slices from a cake: Loosen the slices while the cake is frozen. Take a sharp knife and slice between the paper sheets on both sides of the piece. Wiggle the knife around the slice to loosen it and remove the piece. Slice between the sheets on the remaining pieces, wiggle the knife between the slices to pop them loose from the cardboard disc and replace the first slice.
    This procedure will ensure that the thawed slices do not stick to the bottom disc when taking them out for serving. With cakes, it may also be necessary to run a sharp knife under the bottom of the frozen cake to loosen it from the cardboard base. Remove the number of slices you wish to defrost and sell from the cardboard base.
  3. When using the whole cake for display, ensure the paper dividing the slices remains on the cutting edge to protect the cake from drying out. We also recommend that the cut section of the cake be directed to the back of your display cooler for a more attractive presentation.
  4. To ensure freshness when slices are stored and served individually, cover the slice of the cake with plastic wrap. By gently inserting a toothpick into your slice before covering with plastic wrap you can maintain the dessert's appearance. We recommend that larger slices of cake be placed on their sides so that the wrap does not damage the topping and to prevent the taller slices from falling over.
  5. During slow sales periods we recommend you remove from the freezer to cooler, only the number of slices that you feel will be sold that day. Make sure the cut edge left exposed on the whole cake is covered with the paper used to separate the slices. These papers are folded and can be easily cut with a sharp knife.
  6. Never display an open cake in a cooler or freezer next to fish, cheese, onions or any other food with a strong smell or flavour.
    If the cakes must be kept in the same cooler with this type of food then be sure to use a sealable plastic cake cover.
  7. If cakes are brought to room temperature after being displayed on a dessert tray etc, they should be sold that day.
  8. Our products have a 10-months-from-production-date shelf life when kept frozen and a 3 day shelf life when thawed and refrigerated.
  9. To prevent cakes from shifting in the box, cake boxes should be kept horizontal and never tilted.
  10. Cakes should be handled gently to prevent the disruption of decorations.
  11. Never thaw and then re-freeze product, this affects the overall quality of the product.
  12. Products should never be stored directly on the floor.
  13. To ensure freshness use a First in First Out system that keeps older product accessible with newer product
    kept underneath or behind to deter being picked before the older product is consumed.
  14. Freezer storage should be free of debris or any possible source of contamination.
  15. Product should not be stored directly in front of the freezer fans, as this may cause freezer burn.
  16. A thermometer should be kept in the freezer to verify the internal freezer temperature is correct.

Special handling and portioning instructions for 1344 Tiramisu


Portioning Instructions

  • Cakes portion best while partially frozen.
  • Allow 15 to 30 minutes thaw time before cutting.
  • Run a knife between the cake and box to ensure that the cake is not sticking to the sides of the box.
  • Unlock the corner tabs and pull the box flaps down.
  • The inside flaps of the box are marked to assist in portioning options.
  • Insert a knife into a container of hot water and wipe dry before each cut.

Handling Instructions

  • Wrap unused portions with plastic wrap to maintain freshness.
  • This product is very delicate, handle carefully.
  • Keep refrigerated after thawing.