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Matcha, The Superfood!

Keri Bright

Matcha Blackberry CC-web3.jpg

One of our newest additions to our Dainty Cakes Collection, the Matcha Blackberry Cheesecake features not one,
but TWO powerful antioxidants: Matcha & Blackberries.

What's so special about Matcha? Here's some food for thought:

  • Matcha has 15x the antioxidants of wild blackberries!
    Good thing we've packed those two flavours together!
  • Originates from the Japanese
  • Has been around for over 800 years
  • Affiliated with Zen-Buddhist ceremonies
  • One of the most unique teas on the market
  • Has tremendous health properties
  • A single cup of Matcha tea is equivalent to 10 cups of steeped green tea
  • 100% of the nutrients are from the leaf
  • Matcha is a WHOLE food
  • Matcha is the highest naturally occurring antioxidant source currently known among all fruits,
    vegetables, herbs and spices...