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Elated to win Supplier of the Year 2017 with Flanagan Foodservice

Debbie Gust

From left to right: Jacqueline Flowers, Mandy Fenyes, and Ron Kent

From left to right: Jacqueline Flowers, Mandy Fenyes, and Ron Kent

Wow... We are both honoured and humbled to win the Frozen Bakery Dessert Award for 2017.  

As Dan Di Pasqua, Category Manager for Flanagan's, told a large crowd of people in attendance,

"...This year's winner were actually above 100% on fill rate, because on at least 2 occasions, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, they stepped up when we need them most.  We had customers looking for products because they had sold out already, and because it wasn’t their delivery day, we couldn’t get product to them in time.  This vendor took it upon themselves to send out their own trucks to make deliveries to our customers so that everyone could enjoy the holiday season.  This is the type of vendor partner that we love to work with.

They are registered with GS1 and are ECCNet and FS3 certified.  Why is this important? Because it means that product information is readily available to our sales team, so that they are armed with the knowledge needed to sell your products to our customers.

I will add that they also set themselves apart from their competition by offering FREE custom dessert menus for our customers along with recently switching from having broker representation to going in-house."

Thank you Dan for the kind words and thank you to Flanigan's for recognizing our team for their effort, excellent customer service, and amazing follow-through.