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We're proud of you Don...


We're proud of you Don...

Debbie Gust

I am elated to announce that Don Lavigne, a dedicated and loyal WOW! Factor employee of over 15 years, is returning back to work today after a double lung transplant operation only 6 months ago!  

"Don, you are a Super Hero in our eyes and we are thrilled to have you back happy, healthy, and in such great spirits.  Your new lease on life is truly inspiring and we support you to the Moon and Back..."  - Your WOW! Factor Family

A note from Don:

"The past year, my 16th with WFD, has been one heck of a ride.
For the benefit of those who don't know my story, please allow me to fill you in.  I had been diagnosed with COPD (specifically Emphysema) back in 2003 andlife became more and more difficult with each passing year. WFD stood by me throughout and, with each downturn I faced, provided me the opportunity to continue working for a company that I love. I must sincerely thank them for all they have done.  
About one year ago I pursued the chances of getting on to the lung transplant list…. and succeeded! Vigorous training and learning sessions followed and on May 10 of this year I "got my call" and received two new and fantastic lungs.  I have progressed well over the past 6 months and I am very proud to proclaim that on November 14 I will be returning to WFD and am very much looking forward to beginning my 17th year in February! 
Of course, there are many more involved whom I must convey my deepest admiration and gratitude. These include (in no particular order) the University of Alberta Hospital/Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute (second to none), my team of surgeons/doctors, the countless nurses, my transplant coordinators, the physio team, my wife, daughter, and son, my fellow transplant recipients, all my family and friends, and anyone else I have failed to mention….all of whom have been my support this past six months.
But most of all….I thank from the bottom of my heart and soul….the donor and his family who have given me a second chance at life….a new life.
Please….sign your card and become a donor. Support the Canadian Transplant Association!
Don Lavigne, Purchasing Manager, WOW! Factor Desserts