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Gluten-Free Midnight Mint Chocolate Torte

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Gluten-Free Midnight Mint Chocolate Torte

MidnightMint Torte_web.jpg
MidnightMint Torte_web.jpg

Gluten-Free Midnight Mint Chocolate Torte


The classic after-dinner taste of chocolate mint is now available in a cake. We take a classic moist chocolate cake and fill it with delicious layers of minty white chocolate truffle. Chocolate shavings complete the look. Other than that, this cake is more of what you love: plenty of Belgian chocolate and real mint flavour. 

WOW! Code: 1807 | GTIN: 10778463018074

  • 2 Cakes/Case - 2/2.25 kg (4.96 lb)
  • 16 Slices per Cake - 16/141 g (4.97 oz)

Nutritional Info & Ingredients List

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16 Slices Per Cake
0 g Trans fat per slice

Please be advised all WOW! Factor Cakes contain the following allergens: SOY, WHEAT (EXCEPT GLUTEN-FREE), DAIRY, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS